Naroda Industries Association
About Us


Naroda Industries Association (NIA) was incorporated during the year 1967, to provide a wide range of community and support services to its members, i.e. mainly the Industries located in the Naroda Industrial Estate. The Association, since its inception, has continued to play a vital role in addressing the needs of its Members. In addition to its traditional role NIA has been playing a significant role for development and maintenance of all the infrastructure facilities of the estate. NIA has been instrumental in resolving some of the policy decisions of Government which might have adversely affected the growth of small and medium industries.

The Estate measures to 337 Hectors and houses 689 Plots and 426 Sheds. There are housing colonies also, to accommodate the workers and owners. The Estate is self sufficient with all the infrastructural facilities i.e. Water Supply, Roads, Street Lights, Telephone Exchange, Post Office, Hospitals, Canteens, Skill Upgradation Centre, Entrepreneurship Development Centre and a Police Chowky. There are around Thirty-One types of Classified Industries, i.e. Dyes, Dye-Intermediates, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Foundry, Agrochemicals, textiles, electronics etc.

The Association is managed by a team of elected officials by the members, once in every Two Years. The Managing Committee comprises of the President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Jt. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Jt. Treasurer, Past President and Committee Members with an objective to give representation to the maximum number of Industries in the Decision Making Body..

The Managing Committee is further supported by Sub-Committees to look after day to day operations in the areas of infrastructure Electricity and Water Supply, Sewerage Facilities, Cleaning and Greening, Cleaner Production etc. There are other Sub-Committees who look into long term objective like GIDC matters, government policies etc.

Our efforts have helped us to win the Second Prize among all GIDC Industrial Estates with a cash reward of Rs.15.00 Lakhs under "Swatchhta Abhiyan 2016" organized by GIDC. We have won Second Prize in National Level from Ministry of MSME, New Delhi for Swatchhta among Industrial Clusters of India in the year 2017.

In the year 2017, Naroda Industrial Estate was selected for the district level "Van Mahotsav" which is a matter of great pride for us.